Welcome to Glory Harvest International!


Out of the glory into the harvest

"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature!" Jesus said to His disciples.

And that's what we do - not in our own strength and wisdom but out of  direct encounter with God and His glory!
It is only out of this supernatural dimension of God's Spirit that we will be able to see the last major global harvest that Jesus has promised us!

In this heavenly glory we are equipped with the necessary power and receive His divine wisdom and guidance.
Consequently signs and wonders will follow us, as the Bible says - wherever we proclaim the glorious message of the gospel, lay hands on the sick and meet the needs of the poor and oppressed all over the world!

That is our mission - that is the heartbeat of Glory Harvest International!

I invite you from the bottom of my heart to come alongside with us in this huge commission  and to stand with us for a powerful  manifestation of the glory of God that gathers in the harvest- as it is in heaven, so be it upon all the earth!

On this website you will find many resources and opportunities to be strengthened in your faith and equipped for our common mission as a global body of Jesus Christ- as well as to invest directly yourself in God's glorious plans for this time.
Be inspired and filled with heavenly joy and love!


Yours in His Glory

Georg Karl