Glory Life Centres Uganda:

Glory Life Centre Magodes near Tororo

(East Uganda Dist.)

Ordained leadership by Pastor Dr.Georg Karl:

Senior Pastor: Vincent Obure               Associate Pastor: Philip Obbo

Teacher: Veronica Obure 
Diakon: Yoventina Opio
Woman's leader: Margret Otabong
Praise and worship leader: Susan Mugala

Service times:              Sunday 8:00 a.m.--12:00 p.m.

Mid week fellowship:     Wednesday 2:00 p.m.- 4 p.m.

                                   Prayer & Fasting: 7 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Women's meeting:        Friday 3 p.m.-5 p.m.


Glory Life Centre Kampala

Pastor Bernard Okello Kampala mbuya kiganda zone glory life church

Sunday service 8:00am to 11:am
Thursday Bible study 2pm to 4pm
Saturday prayer fasting/ choir practice.


Glory Life Centre Tororo Town

Pastor Osinde Paul Tororo town glory church service

Sunday service 7:30am to10:30
3:00pm to 5bible study
Wednesday midweek fellowship 3pm to 5pm .
Praying and fasting Friday
Saturday prayer and worship


Glory Life Centre Manafa

Pastor Osiru Joseph manafa district Glorylife church

Sunday service 8:am to 10:30am - glory evening 4pm
Midweek meeting 3:30pm
Saturday prayer/choir practice


Radio broadcasts Uganda/Kenia (6.5 million listeners):

Responsible Coordinator: Deogratius Dada, p.o box 163,seeta-mukono

Donations for radio broadcasts Uganda, Kenia etc. - use the account information below!

Mark:"Media outreach Africa"

Take part in the blessing: With only a few hundred Euros/Dollars we can reach millions of people with the good news of the new life in Jesus Christ and in His Glory!

Orphans Project (financing of school education):
With only 10 $ a month we can finance an orphan's school education! (Mark:"orphans Uganda")

Donations for all projects in Uganda please wire to:

Glory Harvest International e.V.
Commerzbank (BLZ 600 400 71)
Kontonummer: 201084100
IBAN: DE61600400710201084100

Tax deductible receit will be sent out by the end of the year
(in Germany donations up to 20 % of your income are tax deductible)


Reports of the Jan 19-26th 2015 Uganda-Trip of the Glory Harvest International-Team with Pastor Georg Karl:

Mighty signs and wonders followed Pastors Georg and Irina Karl with their team during their trip to Uganda! Crowds of people were converted, dozens of pastors were equipped and became acquainted with a lasting lifestyle as sons and daughters of God in the Glory, they received prophetic direction as well as healing and deliverance, and even the *natural climate “responded”!

*A whole lot of people gave testimony that they had been delivered from deaf spirits and that they were able to hear clearly again, others gave testimony of being able to see properly again!

*Many people who were lame, or handicapped with a movement disability, were healed!

*Lots of people were delivered from pain originating from various underlying causes, some partially through tumours, and others to some extent through various functional disorders.

*For 10 years a lady suffered from acute headaches and backache. She also had pain in the abdominal region as a result of a poorly executed caesarean. Although she was taking an overdose of painkillers the pain did not ease and she was unable to sleep. In one of the miracle services with Pastor Georg she was completely healed!

*A little girl had a high temperature and a bloated belly. For some time she was receiving infusions with a shunt but there was no improvement. After the laying on of hands by the glory Life Team there was an immediate improvement. The following day the child’s sisterreported that she was now completely healthy!

*An insane lady, according to a pastor in a kraal, came under the power of God during an evangelisation with Pastor Georg. Demons started to manifest and she started to flail around and it was difficult to restrain her. After Pastor Georg commanded the demons to leave the lady fell to the ground, went into rest in the Spirit and she remained in an “unconscious” state for a half-an-hour. She then stood up and, according to the Pastor’s report, is now completely normal!

*Two people gave testimony that they were healed from acute breathing problems and asthma.

*The region in which the Glory Life Team were travelling around hadn’t had rain for approximately 5 weeks which was a threat for the people there who totally rely on their harvest for food.
After the pastors meeting on the second day of the crusade there was a powerful breakthrough in the Glory of God and the team then drove to the meeting venue. As they arrived the *heavens suddenly opened and the rain poured down for a half-an-hour which was welcomed by the folk with great excitement!

After having experienced the many miracles and conversions during the crusade the people were so happy about the wonderful deeds of God that they danced into the night!

The following day it rained again which was taken as a sign of blessing from God!

Etc. etc…


News from Uganda (February 2015)!

A report came from Uganda telling us that it’s still all happening like it was with the Glory Harvest International Team with Georg & Irina Karl in January (see Miracle News Report for January):

-The pastors from the region of Tororo in the east have reported that a revival has started since the evangelistic outreaches and the teaching seminars during which the Glory of God broke mightily through (see January).

The following has been testified:

*In the once “quiet” meetings with little supernatural moves of God the hosting church is now experiencing the Holy Spirit in an awesome way! People shake and scream under the overwhelming and powerful presence of God, many convert to Christ and the supernatural actions of the Holy Spirit are manifesting in a mighty way.

*People are flocking to the church from everywhere (whereas previously they only came  to church when they were in need), and the church premises cannot hold the amount of visitors coming because the church has now become a hub of interest in that region to those wanting to experience the mighty work of God!
At the same time the “competitiveness” amongst the other church pastors has lessened and they are pulling together for this movement of the love of God!

*The testimony of the insane lady who was set free and healed during the outreach with Pastor Georg (see January) and who has been since then completely normal has greatly impressed the folk and as a result the unbelievers are continuing to come in. 
For instance, a gang of street robbers that had made the streets uneasy have now converted to Jesus and are coming to church!

*In order to spread the revival across the land the involved pastors are being invited to other places (e.g. Kampala) to preach to the local pastors there!

-->Apparently our team has created a spiritual “shift” during only one week’s mission which is growing continually step by step under the leadership of the local pastors and leaders in Uganda!