Testimonies from the Glory and Miracle Services in February 2019


-In Filderstadt a lady was set free from pain in her neck and lumbar region of her back.

-As a result of an accident, a lady suffered back pain. After prayer during a service in Filderstadt the pain eased and her back became more supple.

-A man sprained the right side of his back and came to church in pain. During the service Pastor Georg prayed for him and all pain left him.

-A lady in Filderstadt had movement restriction in her arm due to a torn ligament. After prayer the movement capability improved.

-It was almost impossible for a lady in Filderstadt to move due to pain. She was set free from all pain and her movement ability improved.

-A lady was unable to move her hands without experiencing pain. After prayer there was a 95% improvement in both her hands.

-During praise and worship in the Glory and Miracle Service in Augsburg many people heard a supernatural man’s choir in the background.

-The eyesight of 6 people improved in Augsburg – blurred vision, dots in front of the eyes and light flashes are things of the past.

-Two weeks ago a young lady had broken her toe and was unable to walk without pain. After prayer, the pain almost left completely and she was able to walk well again.

Testimonies from the Glory and Miracle Services in March 2019


-The eyes of a lady in Filderstadt were healed. She was shortsighted and is now able to read better.

-A haziness before the eyes disappeared with 2 people.

-On Saturday afternoon a total of 14 people experienced healing to, or improvement with, their eyes.

-In Filderstadt there was a lady who for 5-6 years had suffered with movement restriction because of ossification in her back. She can move freely now and can touch her toes again.

-A lady is again able to put her hand over her head and touch her back
which beforehand she was unable to do.

-Because of arthrosis and meniscus problems a lady had limited movement. After prayer her movement ability and pain improved.

-A lady who was very weak from previous illnesses
came to a conference in Filderstadt. During the praise and worship she already began to receive more and more strength. By the end of the service she was completely restored.

-A person had bumped her toe on a cupboard and it was probably broken. This caused her lots of pain and she was unable to walk properly. She is now fully pain free and can walk normally again.

-The swelling went down on the foot of a lady
in Filderstadt. In addition she was no longer able to feel the screws in her leg. 

From the Glory and Miracle Services in December 2018


-A man in Heidelberg only heard muffled – after prayer he was able to hear super clear! Three other people were also healed from deafness.

-A man in Heidelberg had arthrosis in his right hip and because of this already had an appointment for an operation. After prayer all pain disappeared and he walked normally.

-A lady in Augsburg with severe pain in her groin was healed and is now without pain.

-Two ladies in Augsburg came with pain in their shoulder – they were both healed and could move their shoulders without pain.

-A lady in Augsburg had pain in her cervical spine – all pain disappeared.

As a result, a total of 11 people were healed from various pain symptoms

From the Glory and Miracle Services in January


-A man in Hamburg had pain in his hand because of arthrosis. This disappeared after prayer.

-A lady in Hamburg was freed from pain caused by Fibromyalgia.

-Another lady in Hamburg was freed of pain in the shoulder.

-A man in Hamburg had broken ribs and was in a lot of pain. He was freed of this pain.

-Another person in Hamburg was healed from pain in the knees.

-After praise and worship at the Glory Life service in Filderstadt 11 people were healed from restricted mobility through a word of knowledge from Pastor Georg.

-A lady in Filderstadt had suffered for 20 years with back pain. She was unable to straighten her spine and could only bend down in pain. After prayer she was able to move normally again, and the pain was almost completely gone.

-A lady in Filderstadt was unable to use her right hand. She had suffered pain since 2012 and for approx. 6 months was no longer able to use her hand because of rheumatism and gout. After prayer the pain left and she was also able to use her hand again.

Reports from the Glory and Miracle Service in November 2018 

-A lady testified that after suffering with back pain for 6 months she was healed.

-A lady who had suffered for six months with pain in her knee was healed.

-A man was healed completely from back pain.

-A lady who had pain in her elbow for weeks was healed.

-A lady who was unable to stand without pain came to the service. After the praise and worship, to her surprise, she noticed that she had been standing without pain for some time.

-After prayer a lady who had suffered a long time with high blood pressure found out, using her blood pressure monitor, that her blood pressure had spontaneously gone down from 200/… to 136/90. 

-7 to 8 people gave testimony that their eyesight had improved after prayer.
One man said the haze in front of his eyes had disappeared and that now everything was so clear. A woman testified that she was now able to see the wall clock hand which was not possible before.

-A person was healed from years of shoulder and back problems.