-On Sunday, a man gave testimony that he was present in a Glory and Miracle Service a few months ago in which Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge for someone that had suffered from tinnitus for a long time which applied to him. He went up front to have hands laid on him and since then he’s had no more tinnitus!

A co-worker from Hamburg reported that the mother of a colleague had cancer of the bladder so she took a cloth with to the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart and put it in the basket which held the cloths to be blessed and prayed for. At the exact time that she put the cloth in the basket the lady in Hamburg already felt a change. For the whole weekend it was as though she was “drunk in the Spirit”. A week later she was again examined by the doctors who determined that the metastases that were previously in the lungs and lymph glands were no longer there. After the bladder operation she was declared “cancer free”!

-Another colleague of the same co-worker had acute back pain because of a slipped disc. She wasn’t sure whether she would be able to work the following day, so the co-worker offered to pray for her. The power of God was strong and the following day the lady came to work smiling from ear to ear– she was completely without pain which she could hardly believe because normally even with an injection she wasn’t completely pain free. This time round she was completely without pain even though she hadn’t had an injection (she had only received prayer) and the back complaint has never returned again!

-During the Miracle Service in Hamburg on the 20th March 2016, a mighty spiritual hunger pulled down the manifestation of glory and power of God in the fully packed hall in the Leonardo Hotel.

*Already during the introduction 3 people testified that during the last meeting that one or even more (up to 4) new gold, silver or platinum teeth had manifested through God in their mouths – these were inspected in detail and photographed with the help of cell or smart phones!

*Precise words of knowledge led to immediate deliverance of pain being experienced by some church visitors.

*Even before Pastor Georg preached, six people decided for a life with Jesus!

*Many people were spontaneously healed from pain, movement disabilities and other acute health complaints!

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