Since about July 2010 the Glory Life Zentrum Assembly has been experiencing an ever increasing manifestation of the Glory of God in Jesus Christ, out of which the most remarkable and notable miracles, healings, signs and wonders have occurred.  This happens again and again in the special “Glory and Miracle services” but also in the “normal services”.
The power of God goes into the people attending these services and is then also released in their everyday lives, in their jobs, their families, their social circles and even into the streets and places of our region!

As a result of this outpouring of the Spirit, during the last months and years far over a thousand people have been healed and set free as a result of sometimes extremely spectacular miracles: God has supernaturally recreated limbs and body parts; deaf ears and blind eyes have been opened, medically “incurable” diseases like all sorts of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many others have been healed, destroyed nerves, vertebras, ligaments, bones etc. have been restored; metal in bodies has spontaneously disappeared as well as kilograms of fat cells (up to 42 pounds) and even wrinkles!

Thus we can really say: We serve a creative God!

Furthermore, many hundreds of people from all walks of life have received the new Life through Jesus Christ!

It looks as though this is the start of a powerful, supernatural movement of God working through His dear sons and daughters here on earth!

We wish to keep you in the picture on this site as to the goings on and will continually post news on selected especially spectacular miracles that have happened. Enjoy these shared reports of what God is up to these days, and let them encourage you: there is absolutely nothing impossible for God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!
Your Glory Life Zentrum Team

Reports December 2017

Many people with different backgrounds were drawn to the Glory and Miracle Service in Augsburg on 16 December 2017. As a result the hall was well filled. Seventeen people converted to Jesus and the moving power of God caused many spectacular miracles on spines, arms, shoulders, ears, eyes etc. More than 12 people who had flat feet received new foot arches.

More of these miracles in detail:

-A lady’s hammer toe stretched itself and became flatter.

-A man with shoulder pain was hardly able to lift his arm. After prayer he felt much better and lighter and was also able to lift his arm.

-A visitor to the service often suffered with cold hands and feet as a result of a circulatory disorder. When prayed for he could feel blood flowing into his hands and warming them.

-A total of 8 people were healed from hip movement disabilities.

-A lady’s hearing in the right ear was restored so that she was able to hear normally.

-A man came to the service with backache. His spine was supernaturally straightened and he no longer had any pain. Other people were also healed from backache.

-Acute pain in a lady’s thigh disappeared as well as her backache.

-A lady’s knee was healed by walking past Pastor Georg (he had preached about people being healed in Peter’s shadow).

-A lady’s sight is now much improved. The crooked squint in her eyes was corrected after prayer.

Reports October 2017

A mighty spiritual “explosion” took place at the first Glory and Miracle Service with Pastors Georg and Irina in Augsburg on 7 October.
More than double the amount of people came than expected. They filled the very crowded room and many stood and sat in the outside passage to hear what was going on.
What happened there was remarkable… Already at the end of praise and worship the powerful, thick healing power of God filled the whole building. Without even the laying on of hands (which because of the crowded room wasn’t always possible), amazing miracles took place everywhere.
Precise words of knowledge like birthday dates, pin numbers etc. led to individuals being specially touched.
After the sermon 7 people converted to Jesus. At the end many spontaneous healings and deliverances happened through the laying on of hands and prayer by the healing team.

Particularly outstanding were:

-As a result of a cornea transplant a lady couldn’t see well out of one eye. When I set the healing power of God free she noticed she could suddenly see well with both eyes.

-A lady had suffered for a long time with acute hot flashes and restlessness and discovered that the symptoms had disappeared, and a complete peace was within her.

-A lady felt her spine (hollow back) straighten supernaturally in the Glory of God.

-A lady suffered all her life with acute pain because of her deformed spine and was unable to breathe deeply. Her body has now straightened, the pain has gone and she can now breathe freely.

-Because of a heel spur a lady was unable to stand on her foot. All symptoms left in the Glory and the heel spur could no longer be felt.
Furthermore, her shorter leg grew to the correct length.

-Due to a hip problem a lady was unable to lift her leg properly. In the Glory she was healed and she is now able to move freely. 

And much, much more… 

Reports November 2017

Kenya & Uganda


From 20 to 28 November during the evangelization and preaching week in Kenya and Uganda, a mighty weight of God’s Glory accompanied the Glory Life/Glory Harvest International Team under the leadership of Pastor Georg Karl.
Over 250 pastors and evangelists were equipped for the service of the lost, the sick and the bound. A total of 400 people converted to Jesus, including some Muslims.
The word spread in the whole area that God was working healings and miracles and people set out to join the open air events in order to experience this wonderful God. Even in the pouring rain they held out expectantly. They danced in the mud, gave their lives to Christ, experienced healing and deliverance and great joy spread amongst them!


Some of the spectacular miracles were:

- A lady had a lame arm. After prayer she testified that she had been healed and could move her arm normally.

- After a stroke a man’s hand was paralyzed. His body was also affected and he was only able to walk with difficulty using crutches. After prayer he hopped and jumped about demonstrating his complete deliverance from paralysis.

- A young man had an egg size lump in the hollow of his knee. During prayer the lump dissolved completely. His pastor confirmed this testimony.
Another person testified that a similar big lump shrunk on his back.

- As a result of an eye disease a lady had hazy vision for 3 years. After prayer her vision was restored and she could see clearly. The pain she had in her eyes also disappeared.

- Two ladies testified to their deaf ears opening. They now hear normally.

- A lady pastor from Uganda travelled for an event to Kenya. She left her three year old daughter who had been very sick for a long time at home. The child was supposed to undergo three operations on her nose and throat so that she could breathe properly again. During the events this lady pastor stood in for her daughter in the spirit in order to receive healing for the child. When she returned to Uganda she found her daughter completely healed and the operations were no longer necessary. 

Reports July 2017

Glory and Miracle Weekend in Hamburg on 29 and 30 July

An extremely thick and powerful presence of God accompanied all the events.

God made 4 different four-digit pin codes or parts of phone numbers from people present known. He wanted to show them that He knows them well and wants to give them a special blessing. Individuals were called out by name or a special trait and some with specific ailments. A lady was delivered from a suicidal spirit. 


Particularly outstanding miracles were:

*You could feel that the surgically removed half of a thyroid on the right side had been recreated. 

*A man was healed from 5 years of acute disc problems.

*A tumor as big as a peach shriveled up. 

Many people were healed from deafness.

*A lady who had suffered continually with back problems for 40 years is now without pain and can once again move freely. 

*Many people were healed from hazy eyesight, shortsightedness and other visual problems. 

*Supernatural loss of weight took place with quite a few people.

*A lady’s finger which had been stiff for months became fully flexible and free from pain.

Many other healings from arthrosis, pain, movement disabilities etc. 
took place.