Can move freely again after lumbar vertebra grown together with sacrum

 Last weekend during the conference in Handenberg, Austria, I followed up on being told to lay a hand on a part of the body that is in pain. After the prayer from Pastor Georg my spine started to move from above to below. It felt like each and every vertebra was moving one after another like in waves. I was able to move my back like it had not been possible for ages! According to an old diagnosis there was no disc between the lumbar and sacrum vertebrae so that they had grown together. As a result this region of my back was limited in movement, and the muscles were always tense. When I felt the vertebrae moving, this part of my spine was moved with more strength than the other vertebrae.
Praise be to the Lord! I feel a whole new lightness in my back.
On Monday I again went to Movement Training and hallelujah, it was still there – the ability to move much better than before. Thank you Jesus, I am healed and free of pain and movement disability!  A.M.