Time reduction miracle on the way to church

Dear Pastor Georg,
Before I forget, I must let you know about the time reduction miracle I had on Tuesday on my way to church. My daughter and I wanted to go to church on Christmas Day but somehow we were running late. We wanted to, as ususal, leave home at 9 o’clock but only managed a half an hour later.
It was clear to us that we would be late for the service at 10 because we needed 40 to 45 minutes to get there.
I do not like being unpunctual and I couldn’t think of anything else I could do, so on the highway I said to Jesus, “I thank you that somehow we will get to church on time, all things are possible with you and I set a time shift of 40 to 50 minutes free.” On arrival we got a super parking place and Johanna said to me “It is exactly 10 o’clock!”
Hallelujah, God is amazing and Luke 1:37 is true! For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Best regards,