Money is multilplied when paying at the book table

I experienced a financial miracle at the Glory Life School yesterday. I wanted to buy two copies of the book from Pastor Gerorg, “The Sons of Glory” as Christmas presents.
I had checked beforehand the amount of money I had in my purse. I calculated that if I buy two books then €30 is gone and thereforce decided to just buy one. After thinking for a moment, I decided to take two afterall. When I paid I noticed there was an extra €20 in my purse. I checked quickly and there was definitely €20 more in my purse than before. I was supposed to have only €5 over but now I had €25. It really pays to give Pastor Georg’s book as a Christmas present. You get a discount from God Himself.
Later, I thought back to the financial miracle that Valerie had experienced in that she suddenly had €30 in her hand. At the time I had said to God that I want a miracle like that too.
That’s how quick it can go. God is just great.
Kind regards, T.A.